Amen Corner: A Sweep Way to Practice Swing

It’s the start of the golf season, and most of us are trying to find both the time to work on our golf swings and the time to do a little spring cleaning around the house as well.

When it’s time to sweep out the garage of all the winter sand and dust and you’re forced to grab your broom, you can now practice your golf, too. Improve your sweeping motion and improve your golf swing through this great resistance training exercise.

Resistance training is where you move your body against resistance. It is designed to increase strength and endurance and, in this case, give you the correct feel for the sequence of the golf swing.

When sweeping, you are dragging the broom across the floor. If you sweep while simulating a golf swing, it can help train your muscles and improve your legwork while giving you a better feel of the golf club during the downswing.

First, grab a broom and hold it close enough like a golf club. Then press the broom into the ground outside your trail foot (the right foot for the right-handed golfer). The more you press the broom bristles into the ground, the more resistance you will create.