K-TRAINER is the most intuitive and innovative motion-training system available. With K-TRAINER, a 2-sensor visual and auditory biofeedback system, golf professionals can quickly and easily re-educate motor patterns to improve performance. Customizable exercises, real-time biofeedback, and automated rep counters guide each client through a personalized training program that make K-TRAINER the preeminent system for movement re-education. This system dramatically improves trainer/client communication ensuring quality of motion while promoting total body awareness. It’s like adding another member to your performance team, without the payroll or taxes.

K-TRAINER’s comprehensive set of features incorporates every aspect of training from functional assessments to stability and mobility fitness exercises, including sports-specific training programs. This system is ideal for any professional or athlete looking to be on the cutting edge of performance.


  • Maximize time efficiency by enabling unsupervised lessons.
  • Increase revenue by offering larger, more comprehensive lesson packages.
  • Effectively work with multiple students simultaneously.