I’ve worked in the golf industry my whole life.  Helping people is something I enjoy the most.  I’ve been fortunate to work in every aspect of the industry including caddying at 10 years old and working at the industries best Top 100 private clubs, public facilities and major equipment manufactures.

I’ve never enjoyed a job more than my role as Director of Golf at the Fore-U Golf Center.  The atmosphere of a fun and friendly golf center visited by great people who want to enjoy our services is highly rewarding.

Teaching golf, fitting clubs and fitness are my passion.  I spend a lot of time and resources making sure the best tools and technology are available for my students.

I especially enjoy my yearly pilgrimage around the country shadowing other instructors to learn more and sharpen my craft.  Special thanks to Michael Breed, John Webster, Tracy Mount, Mike Malizia, Tony Morgan, Sean Foley, Dave Phillips, Dr. Greg Rose, Lance Gill, Jim Hardy, Butch Harmon, Todd Anderson, Mike Bender and all professionals who share their knowledge as leaders in golf instruction.

Organizations & Accreditations:

  • PGA of America
  • Titleist Performance Institute
  • TaylorMade Performance Lab
  • K-Motion Interactive