Golf is an athletic sport, my goal is to give you an understanding of your swing characteristics to help you self-correct when you are on your own.

My coaching is fun, highly personalized and is based on facts. Since we all are different and do not swing the club the same, there are many ways to successfully hit a good golf shot.  We all have different physical characteristics and athletic ability and creating a technically sound golf swing based on fundamentals and your ability provides a simple approach to help you play better.

Our blueprint for success in golf comes from the understanding that there are only Four Ways to improve in golf.  These are:

  • Building a better golf swing for your natural and preferred ball flight
  • Making sure we have the right clubs and ball for our golf swing to optimize ball flight
  • Understanding, fixing or teaching around our body’s fitness level and physical limitations
  • Improving our mind and focus to practice and play better

Great golf requires a commitment to these four areas and dedication, passion and discipline to practice and play with a purpose to become better.